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FAQ number: 92 | Last Modified: October 29, 2018

The following symptom will occur in the operations of Intranet StartPack in the case of import process in IM-Common Master.

If the symptom 1. Entire period import, access right information has broken down, and all the letters become all sharing.

In access permissions set in event 2.Intranet StartPack, it will be configured in Access privilege settings of the parent organization.


※With regard to a cause of this problem, please refer to the attached file.

Event 1 will be the limitations.
Workaround for event 2 is as shown below.

● Workaround for event 2

Steps are different, so please do depending on the customer's environment by the patch version the customer is applied.

    [if you are applying the patch 2 or more Intranet StartPack]

    ・After the following setting is made, please use snapshot import.
      For the organization added through the import process, the upper departments access permissions are not inherited, so please do the setting of access permissions for the organization added through the import process to import after executing.

        ○ Setting
            ・Please in start pack the following settings.

                1. More Master Maintenance-Class Code setting screen start pack common field
                  And press the new registration icon.
                2. Will be entered, set to as follows:

                    Application name: start pack Common
                    Class name: access_authority
                    Class code: access_automatic_succession
                    Value: OFF

    [if you have applied the unpatched of Intranet StartPack or patch 1]

    ・Please disable execution of listener (ispCompanyChangedListener) by using the snapshot import.

      Of these events, as shown in the following procedures can be avoided by performing snapshot import in the state listener (ispCompanyChangedListener) has been stopped.
      However, access permissions are not inherited by department added through the import process.
      Therefore, please do the setting of access privileges to organization added through the import process to import execution time.

        ○ Procedure
            1. Of conf/system-install-isp-sfa-comm.xml of ServerManager under
              Comment out the following location.


            2 will restart.intra-mart.
            3. Is performed snapshot import on IM-Common Master.
            4. Please remove the comment out in Step 1.
            5 will restart.intra-mart.
            6. Perform a Repair program.
              See the installation guide for repair program.
Resin "exit reason: It will restart in HEALTH (exit code=9) ".
It to use Resin of the latest version which is not contained in product support?
And the support policy of the Microsoft Windows 10 our products for the correspondence schedule
Please let me know about the correspondence plan of the intra-mart products accompanying the end of support of server OS and a client browser.
Does intra-mart Accel Platform correspond to Microsoft Internet Explorer11 (-RRB- indicates the requirements finalized (including but not limited IE11)?
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