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FAQ number: 625 | Last Modified: August 30, 2017
Resin "exit reason: It will restart in HEALTH (exit code=9) ".


The message below is output, Resin "exit reason: It will restart in HEALTH (exit code=9) ".
WarningService: Shutdown: caucho.database.corrupt[****/resin-data/app-0/distcache/data.db] Table[data:6,****¥resin-data¥app-0¥distcache¥data.db]: inode block 1ab8 has invalid block code (0) expected (2)

[occurrence Condition]
"caucho.database.corrupt" Message is printed when mismatch has occurred to the internal database of Resin.

Will occur in the following cases.
 ・Java process or machine in the case of high load state
 ・If the session data is stored in a large number


Please consider the following support in case of recurrence.

 " <%RESIN_HOME%> /resin-data/app-0/distcache" Deletion

  Resin is started on the is deleted " <%RESIN_HOME%> /resin-data/app-0/distcache" directory of the server of the event.


And to the same future events so they do not result in, please consider also the correspondence of the following.

◆ Disable session_store of (false)

 To reduce the write load session information by doing the following settings.
  -- <configuration example of> --
  session_store : false
  However, if you disable session_store, the session failover will not be performed.
  If you want to use session failover on session_store disabled, please consider the use of session management module.
  ■ Introducing the session management module
   Introducing session management module/

◆ Update to the latest version of Resin

  Internal database of Resin to improve is performed for each of the version upgrade, it is recommended to use higher version of.

  Updates to the higher version, please refer to the following FAQ.
  ■ It to use Resin of the upper version which is not contained in product support?

It to use Resin of the latest version which is not contained in product support?
Please let me know about the OutOfMemory.
Please let me know about the correspondence plan of the intra-mart products accompanying the end of support of server OS and a client browser.
And the support policy of the Microsoft Windows 10 our products for the correspondence schedule
Does intra-mart Accel Platform correspond to Microsoft Internet Explorer11 (-RRB- indicates the requirements finalized (including but not limited IE11)?
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