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FAQ number: 437 | Last Modified: 5 November 2018
When accessed to iAP, java.lang.IllegalStateException: Illegal Session Cookie Data will occur.

Cookie which stores session information, will occur, because that are competing for the intra-mart AccelPlatform and intra-mart WebPlatform.
It may occur, when intra-mart AccelPlatform and intra-mart WebPlatform are working in the same domain.

Please examine either of the following methods.

[circumvention 1]
Please change "session information cookie setup name" of intra-mart AccelPlatform.

Of WEB-INF/conf/certification-config/im_session.xml category [im_session], please change the parameter key [cookie_name].

For more information, please refer to the [configuration File Reference] - [session Information Check Setting] - [session information cookie setup name].
- #session information-cookie-Setting Name

[circumvention 2]
Please intra-mart AccelPlatform and intra-mart WebPlatform run in different context path.

By the full-text search screen will fail to the query is displayed as "query failed".
Please let me know about the granted secure attribute of Cookie.
Data is destroyed in Solr, which is used in IM-ContentsSearch.
Change of IM-Common Master are not reflected in the delegation setting of IM-Workflow Even if it performs a substitute place synchronous job.
FullGC of Java was run and the phenomenon to which operation becomes slow occurred.
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