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FAQ number: 249 | Last Modified: October 29, 2018

Authority is deleted for the menu setting of the organization import (XML format) after the execution of IM common master company/.


In of IM common master Company/Organization import (XML format) company code, This is an operation of organization code term code is totally new music was also the same.
(for operation of all period import, please refer to IM-Common Master import Specifications page.9 "3.3 Entire period import")

When IM common master is updated, because the linkage with Application Common Master are natural, a listener to be linked Application Common Master and will be executed and of IM common master Company/Organization import is executed.
At this time, it has been Delete the term of department of Application Common Master in listeners.
When period is deleted, the authority of the organization that is set to the menu is also deleted, if you have set organization to the authority of the menu is deleted authorization of that were set organization.

Can be resolved by the improvement module this phenomenon was released in February 14, 2014.
Please consider adaptive obtained patch the corresponding from the following links.

Please let me know about the method judgment of intra-mart stop.
Please let me know about the OutOfMemory.
Please let me know about the garbage collection (GC).

The message below is output to the system log, the service has stopped.
Please let me know measures a cause.
Forcing GC due to low memory. XXXXXXX free bytes.
Restarting due to low free memory. XXXXXXX free bytes
Does intra-mart Accel Platform correspond to Microsoft Internet Explorer11 (-RRB- indicates the requirements finalized (including but not limited IE11)?
Please let me know about the correspondence plan of the intra-mart products accompanying the end of support of server OS and a client browser.
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