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FAQ number: 248 | Last Modified: October 29, 2018

Execution time of XML Import of IM common master


When which performs the registration/update process of data by using import function of IM common master in WebPlatform/AppFramework Version 7.2, if you are using XML file format is confirmed could take a considerable amount of execution time.

Is possible to improve an execution time of applying the attached module.


Note) This module external software VTD-XML
( Will be used.
Software must be obtained as a separate download.

Apply procedures are as follows:

0. For the installation directory, please make sure to take the backup.

1. Will stop intra-mart.

2. Folder ("jp" top level) that was generated by unzip the attached file, please copy the following doc/imart/WEB-INF/classes of ApplicationRuntime.

3. Please copy the downloaded software external "vtd-xml.jar" for classpath that are set in the ApplicationRuntime.
   (example: doc/imart/WEB-INF/lib)

And start 4.intra-mart.

In addition, when using this module, you need to file encoding of XML as UTF-8.
Please let me know about the method judgment of intra-mart stop.
Please let me know about the garbage collection (GC).

The message below is output to the system log, the service has stopped.
Please let me know measures a cause.
Forcing GC due to low memory. XXXXXXX free bytes.
Restarting due to low free memory. XXXXXXX free bytes
Please let me know about the OutOfMemory.
Does intra-mart Accel Platform correspond to Microsoft Internet Explorer11 (-RRB- indicates the requirements finalized (including but not limited IE11)?
Resin "exit reason: It will restart in HEALTH (exit code=9) ".
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